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USB HDD keeps spinning in suspend/sleep (ZotacID80 - PayBas - 04-05-2013

Hi all,

Im very satisfied with my ID80 and OpenELEC. The biggest issues seem to be gone after updating the BIOS to the latest. One of the last remaining issues I have is the following:

When I put the box in suspend/sleep mode (using the remote), it shuts down fine. The fan stops and the power LED turns red. But the external USB drive keeps spinning... forever! This isn't very power efficient, and not very quiet either.

Zotac ID80
OpenELEC 3.0 (XBMC 12.1)
4TB WD My Book USB3 (connected to USB3 port at the back)

I have tried EHCI Hand-off in the BIOS, but that didn't change much.

I'm not sure whether this is a BIOS problem, an OpenELEC problem, or a HDD firmware problem. But since I enabled EHCI hand-off, I had hoped OpenELEC would manage the power to my external USB HDD.

Does anyone have any suggestions?