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Can't boot - no Autorun file on install stick - ElJimador - 04-14-2013

Hi folks. Brand new to OpenELEC and I'm having a problem creating an install stick that the new Intel Celeron NUC that I'm using as an HTPC will boot from. I'm using the Intel Build x86_64 v. 3.0 and I've tried both 7-zip and WinRAR to extract the files but when I then run the .bat file to create the install stick there's no autorun file that gets created. I've tried a couple different thumb drives and I even tried downloading other builds too (Intel x86_64 v2.0 and the Generic 3.0) just to see if any of those will extract an autorun file that I can just copy that to the install stick (since it looks like I've already got everything else I need). But so far I can't get an autorun file to appear no matter what combination I use. So what now? Is there some way to create the autorun file myself or get the NUC to boot from the install stick without it?

Not only can I not boot, but I'd already changed the BIOS on the NUC to boot from USB and now that I've done that and it doesn't recognize the install stick, the NUC won't let me F2 to access the BIOS again either. I'm just stuck with a blank screen. Anyway, I know that's an issue for Intel but any help on the install stick would be appreciated. Thanks.

Can't boot - no Autorun file on install stick - ultraman - 04-14-2013

Autorun file is not needed at all. Just ignore it.
And first use exe not bat.

Can't boot - no Autorun file on install stick - ElJimador - 04-14-2013

Thanks ultraman. Not sure if the exe did anything different from the bat since it appears to be all the same files on the install stick but it was at least reassuring to see "make bootable" during the progress since that eliminates one question I did have (whether the bat had actually formatted it as a bootable drive).

Unfortunately it still won't boot but at this point I'm pretty sure that the problem is with my BIOS settings on the NUC which I'm unable to get back into again. So hopefully I'll get an answer back from the Intel NUC support forum since it appears to be impossible to actually chat over the weekend with anyone employed to support Intel products

Anyway I believe I'm fine on the install stick now so thanks again for your help.

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RE: Can't boot - no Autorun file on install stick - vydernugadaa2 - 10-03-2020