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stuttering video - DJ-1 - 04-15-2013

Hi, as the title says, I`m having issues with stuttering video....


Low profile heatsink/Fan.
Optical Drive.
HP SlimLine Bd rom

I`m Running OpenElec 3.0.0 x86-64 (Intel) off of a Sandisk Ultra SD card (as i got an instal of Win7 pro on the ssd (wasnt initially sure weather to stick with OpenElec or try Windows XBMC.))

I understand that being a Sandy bridge chip I`m not gonna get perfect 23.976 playback (under Linux), but at the moment its happening on ALL content. 25fps, 23.976, 50fps.

What is happening is the video opens and within around 5-10 seconds i get a stutter ()in the debug diplay it shows a drop in fps down to around 17-19fps briefly then goes back to the video`s actual display rate), not always registering as a frame drop (btw, what is `PC0` next to frame dropped in the stats view ?)
then it stutters briefly every now and again, (on 23.976 i can see why...but not the other formats)
Why does it stutter near the start of every file ?? ....I have tried it via internal storage (SD card) with same result, but at the moment i have only a log from playing a video over samba share (I`m pretty sure its not a network issue, all Gigabit wired set-up here.)

My GUI setting in Openelec are:
Audio Output hdmi
Boost Level on Downmix 5.1
output streeo to all speakers off
Ac3 capable on (Onkyo TX NR609)
aac on
dts on
lpcm on
truehd on
dts-hd on

Video output hdmi 1080p @60Hz

Video Playback settings are
play next ON
Render Method AUTO
adjust display refresh rate to match video ALWAYS
Sync playback to display ON
Pause before starting ON (3.0 TV is slow at changing refresh rates)
audio sync -video clock Drop.Dupe audio

there seems to be lots of stuff going on the xbmc.log, not sure exactly what it all means though

any ideas ?....thanks.

Re: stuttering video - DJ-1 - 04-16-2013


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Re: stuttering video - DJ-1 - 04-17-2013

Really ..?,....nobody at all ?

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Re: stuttering video - DJ-1 - 04-21-2013

Could this be due to the Intel gfx hd3000 ?

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