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Please recommend a VFD/LCD Display on USB - berniejonnie - 05-01-2013


I come from VDR and used always a small LCD Display in my HTPC case. Now I am enthusiastic with Openelec and see that controlling a VFD or LCD via LCDproc is put in a separate AddOn. So we may expect more features and development there.

I would very much make use of that and buy a 2-row or 4-row display to mount it in my case.

Can anybody tell a little bit about his experience and recommend a specific model ? I think it makes sense to choose one with USB connector ?

Please recommend a VFD/LCD Display on USB - radoslav.oleksak - 06-18-2013

I am interessted in display which will fit to 5.25" position and will work with OpenELEC. Can you recommend me such? But which would be up to 30 EUR, not very expensive. Thanks

I have found this on ebay, but I am not sure, if it will work with openelec as it requires additional drivers to compile:

Please recommend a VFD/LCD Display on USB - acpowell - 07-05-2013

my case has a built in IMON VFD/LCD and it works perfect with OpenELEC.

Please recommend a VFD/LCD Display on USB - rodnheli - 08-05-2013

I'm using openelec with Intel build. my new htpc is working great! - but i'm missing a VFD Display.

ok, i know now reading through some Posts that soundgraph VFD will work - but this only has 2 lines.
for better Navigation i'd like to have 4 lines (20x4). but i can't find something suitable.

reading through there are so many possibillities Huh

can somebody recommend a VFD/LCD Display (4/20, large textsize) with USB Connection which will work out of the box with openelec. i prefer VFD because
of better readability...

thanks a lot!

Please recommend a VFD/LCD Display on USB - acpowell - 08-08-2013

the only 4 line VFD devices I found seem to be more for like projects rather than Plug and Play VFD devices. Most of them need a controler board and all that. What is it about the navigation that you would like 4 lines? I use a 2 line and really it is just for show because I am so far away from it that you can't read it anyway.

I am still looking around and will let you know if I find anythign.

Please recommend a VFD/LCD Display on USB - acpowell - 08-08-2013

Okay so I think what you will need is a Matrix Orbital VFD. It is supported by OpenELEC and is fairly in expensive. I would recomend a GX Typhoon MCE (which even comes with a remote).

Let me know if that is what you were thinking.

You could also try this link:

Please recommend a VFD/LCD Display on USB - rodnheli - 08-16-2013

Thanks for your answers! First i tried the imon VFD with the 2 lines - this is the one you can plug in 5,25" bay - i was very disappointed because the VFD textlines / letters are very small and from 2,5 m away very hard to read, also no support for mutated vowel - so i thought i would have the same problem with LCD/VFD and 4 lines.

in short: now i bought a ORIGENAE S10V in black. really much money - but it was it worth!! :woohoo: BIG VFD letters, very good readability, shows mutated vowels.
playing a little bit with lcd.xml it shows all i need in the 2 lines - browsing through radio stations and music works perfekt without connected TV and from sofa 3 m away Tongue

only one thing i'd like to change is the scrolling speed of the the vfd text. changed the line in LCDD.conf to 1 but doesnt seem to get slower... :unsure:


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