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Clone my working system.... - freduruncle - 05-03-2013

I'm sorry if this is covered elsewhere. I did look....

My first setup of openelec was on my Gen 1 Apple TV. Its working well enough but before I got all the setup fleshed out, I got my new Raspberry Pi and immediately got that going. I've spent a lot of them getting that set up just the way I want it.

Now, I'd like to go back and get the AppleTV set up exactly the same way before I move it off the to family room. I've noticed a backup add-on and also an export command. Could one of these be used to create a backup from the Pi, be ftp'd back to my Mac and then be somehow restored on the ATV to simply clone it? What info is available in these "backups" and "exports"?

I could do it manually again, but I'd rather be "smart" and "lazy".

Can someone educate me here?

thanks in advance....