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will live tv ever be reliable on pi?? - pootler - 05-08-2013

Hello - new to forum.

I am struggling - and I must admit a little bit hacked off - with the various live tv options on the Pi

I want front and backend both on the Pi,

Tvheadend is average but suffers audi/video sync problems and aspect ratio errors.

I recently got vdr working and hoped for an answer to these problems.

Aspect ratio - yes it works!
No black screen !
But STILL audio/viseo sync issues?

What is going on?
There must be quite a few people buying their Pi's with the expectation that they can get live tv with xbmc GUI.

This just is not true.

I think it would be fairer of the developers to not promote openelec as an all in one solution for the raspberry pi because unfortunately at the moment,
it really isn't.

I will be very glad for someone to correct me - please Smile