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HDMI_ intermittent screen blanking on one TV - lunix - 05-10-2013

I have a friend who I setup with a Pi-b rev. 3 (with Berryboot, OpenElec, Wheezy). In each of those three GUI's the screen intermittently goes blank. He has a Westinghouse TV (VK42F240S) TV. It's supposed to be (according to the User Manual) 1080p, 60Hz (other profiles are supported). However, left to itself, the Pi blanks the screen approx. every 3-5 seconds for about a second or two each time. (This happens when Berryboot, Wheezy, or OpenElec are running). The Video Status shows that we're running at 1080p, 60Hz in OpenElec. BUT- when I start a video via add-in, or file playback- it is FINE. My Pi board acts the same with his monitor.

I have tried modding the config.txt file in BerryBoot. I have tried the video settings in OpenElec (everything available). But the problem persists.

When I change BerryBoot's config.txt, to, for example, ignore EDID (hdmi_ignore_edid=0xa5000080), and try to set the display to say 1080p, 50Hz (my video experience says that this is a refresh rate problem)- with the caveat that I am often wrong before I am right with a recent problem- the screen goes into a "vertical letterbox" mode with borders on the right and left, but video top-to-bottom.

So the documented video modes (hdmi_group, hdmi_mode) seem to have unexpected effects on his monitor. Setting to "Cheap Chinese monitor (ignore)" and some supposedly supported mode, results (usually) in usually a narrow screen, and sometimes a completely blank screen.

Here's where it gets weird: Video from a file or a stream plays perfectly from the Pi on his TV. But when it's over, the flashing resumes. I tried (for one of many examples) hdmi_group=1, hdmi_mode = 32 (1080p, 24Hz). Same story- it blanks for a couple of seconds every now and then. It stays on in-between the blanking for no more than 5 seconds, usually just a couple. His BlueRay player works just fime im any of the four HDMI ports on his TV. The Pi misbehaves in any of those.

UPDATE 2013-05-12: Now Debian Wheezy displays without flashing. I found out his TV only supports (1080p, 24Hz), so I set hdmi_group=1, and hdmi_mode=32 in BerryBoot's config.txt (which I though was shared with that and the two OSs I have loaded). However, the BerryBoot UI, and the OpenElec UI still tear a little (a small part of the top or bottom of the screen goes blank for a blink). But when Pandora is playing, or a video file or add-on- the screen is rock-solid.