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3.0.2 Update wont start - BfN_Turin - 05-11-2013

I am using Openelec on my Raspberry PI via berryboot. My problem is that the update to version 3.0.2 simpy does not start. I first tried the auto update method, that did not work. So I downloaded the files manually, but the KERNEL + KERNEL.md5 and the SYSTEM + SYSTEM.md5 in the update folder, but the update does not start either. Whats the problem here?

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3.0.2 Update wont start - e_esprit - 05-12-2013

I don't really know berryboot, but after having a look at what it does/how it seems to work, I am pretty sure that it must break the OpenELEC update system.
See : (workaround given here)