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Mac Mini 2012/2013 - escalade - 05-14-2013

Anybody running OpenELEC/Linux on these machines? I'm interested to know about these things:

- Hardware support (bluetooth/thunderbolt working?)
- HD audio bitstreaming (assume this is working as it's HD4000?)
- Sleep/suspend working?

Any comments are greatly appreciated. I'd like a NUC, but the new one with USB3 has a pricetag that puts it very close to the Mac Mini which seems like a more elegant choice and it can also boot OSX.

Mac Mini 2012/2013 - Ipaddle - 05-14-2013

Yes interested in this as well.

Mac Mini 2012/2013 - jenkins - 05-14-2013

Bluetooth probably... depends on the chip.
thunderbolt no idea...

Bitstream and intel... dosent work so good yet...

suspend... probably will but new hardware tends to have problems in the beginning... :-

would be good with spec links? ;-)

PS. only buy stuff that has Nvidia... :-P

Mac Mini 2012/2013 - chewitt - 05-15-2013

There are people running OpenELEC on mini hardware .. the Generic image should install. The remote needs a little bit of fiddling with lirc to get working - it should be easier in the future as the 3.10 kernel adds native support. As Jenkins noted, the Intel GPU isn't the best experience at the moment and I doubt we have any support turned on in kernels for Thunderbolt - there are definitely no proprietary drivers in the OS for it. Sleep/Suspend probably need some tweaks or workarounds. I'd spend my money on something half the price with an nVidia GPU as the overall experience will be considerably better.

Mac Mini 2012/2013 - escalade - 05-15-2013

I'll be rolling my own builds with 3.10 and any needed drivers. I'm more interested in the actual performance with latest software.

According to this thread, bitstreaming and suspend/resume works great on Intel. Why do you believe it's not?

Again, I'd like feedback from ppl who actually have the Mini.

Sv: Mac Mini 2012/2013 - jenkins - 05-15-2013

This is general recommendations...

Joust because it says Intel and other Intel works doesn't mean that a new also works... ;-)

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Sv: Mac Mini 2012/2013 - escalade - 05-15-2013

Which is exactly why I created this thread, to hear from people who actually got the device. But in general, from what I've read Intel HD2000 and up will support bitstreaming and works good.

I would prefer nvidia, but unfortunately there are no decent HTPC in the NUC/MacMini formfactor with nvidia gpu. I know about Zotac, but I've read lots of people have issues with fan noise and heat.

Sv: Mac Mini 2012/2013 - Ipaddle - 05-18-2013

Exactly. The reason why I would like to use the Mac mini with Openelec is the lack of TvHeadend support in XBMC for OSX. Only MythTV. Do not know anything about it.