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WinTV-NOVA HD-USB2 (DVB-S2) - thembones410 - 05-19-2013


first and foremost, as this is my first post here, congratulations and many thanks on this distro.
Exactly what I was searching for. It's blazing fast, and almost everything just works out of the box.
Hope to be able to contribute some time, it's mostly a matter of time at the moment.

My question is: Is there any chance the usb tuner mentionend in the subject will be / is supported?
I read a post in some other forum that the PCI version is supported (it seems to use the same Firmware as the HVR 4400 I read somewhere) out of the box, so I feel it probably should be possible.

I'm using tv headend 3.0.9 as backend and the generic build of open elec ; I was using a DVBSky952C previously, I didn't need to do anything and it showed up in tv headend.
Unfortunalety, the card had some sort of hardware fault (doesn't matter know, was really just bad luck I guess), so I tried to replace it with the WinTV usb tuner.

However it doesn't show up under configuration->DVBTuners in the web frontend. What I already tried is deleting everything on the sambashare (userdata->addons etc.) associated with the old card. Maybe I just missed something out.

And while we're at it, sorry for the newbish question: I can't seem to find any logs for the tvheadend backend.
If I ssh into the box, there's a log in /tmp/xbmc.log I can tail, which at least prints some information from the tv headend client. But I simply don't find anything for the tv headend backend; there are some zipped logs on the samba share, am I supposed to browse through these?

Thanks in advance!