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Commercial Skip settings - tvforme - 08-15-2013

Hi I have openelec installed on a raspberry pi. This is an awesome program and everything is working really well. I currently use the openelec xbmc as a front end to nextpvr that handles my recording. As nextpvr records, I also use comskip to identify the commercials. My issue, is that the video jumps approx. 15 seconds before the show actually goes to commerical and starts playing again about 15 seconds before the commercial ends. Browsing the wiki and the forums, I thought I had the answer with advancedsettings.xml. In testing I added a 30 wait to jump after the point and another 30 second rewind after the video is supposed to start again. I then rebooted the system. I have not been able to see any changes to the jump behavior so I expect that I am doing something incorrectly. Do I need to set something so the system will pull the advancedsettings.xml settings or should it do this automatically. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance. Gordy