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No Volume Control in Multi-Channels Streaming - tonybhgm - 09-02-2013

I only can control the volume using my keyboard when I set the audio to "Analog".
When I switch to HDMI, if I try to control de volume, I receive a message: "Using Audio in passthrough" .
I am using Openlec Generic.x86_64-3.1.7

Openelec Settings: System, Audio Output: Audio Output (HDMI), Audio Device (HDA ATI, HDMI#0), Passthrough Device (HDA ATI, HDMI#0). The other two options for Passthrough do not work (HDA ATI, HDMI#1 or ALC892) -> I loose the Audio. Any option for the Audio Device does not affect anything.

Mother Board: Asrock FM2A85X-ITX, Codec Realtek ALC892, CPU AMD APU A10 5700, Receiver Yamaha RX V-667.

I tried many configurations. I can not change the Passthrough setting -> HDA ATI, HDMI#0, or I loose the Audio.
I can choose any settings for the Audio Device, it does not affect nothing.

If I change the Audio Output to "Analog", the Yamaha Receiver shows two channels and I can control the volume with my keyboard. If I change to Optical or HDMI, I receive the message: "Using Audio in Passthrough", and can not control the volume.