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Can not control Volume on Multi-Channels Streaming - tonybhgm - 09-02-2013

I only can control the volume using my keyboard when I set the audio to "Analog".
When I switch to HDMI, if I try to control de volume, I receive a message: "Using Audio in passthrough" .
I am using Openlec Generic.x86_64-3.1.7

Openelec Settings: System, Audio Output: Audio Output (HDMI), Audio Device (HDA ATI, HDMI#0), Passthrough Device (HDA ATI, HDMI#0). The other two options for Passthrough do not work (HDA ATI, HDMI#1 or ALC892) -> I loose the Audio. Any option for the Audio Device does not affect anything.

Mother Board: Asrock FM2A85X-ITX, Codec Realtek ALC892, CPU AMD APU A10 5700, Receiver Yamaha RX V-667.

I tried many configurations. I can not change the Passthrough setting -> HDA ATI, HDMI#0, or I loose the Audio.
I can choose any settings for the Audio Device, it does not affect nothing.

If I change the Audio Output to "Analog", the Yamaha Receiver shows two channels and I can control the volume with my keyboard. If I change to Optical or HDMI, I receive the message: "Using Audio in Passthrough", and can not control the volume.

Re:Can not control Volume on Multi-Channels Streaming - bircoe - 09-02-2013

You can't change the volume level when audio is being passed through to the receiver, the audio stream is being passed directly through to the receiver without being processed. Hence you loose the ability to change the volume, you'll probably also notice that mute doesn't work.

Can not control Volume on Multi-Channels Streaming - tonybhgm - 09-02-2013

I have the HTPC connected to my Yamaha Receiver through the HDMI cable only. The HDMI cable carries the video and audio source.
When I change the Audio Settings to Analog, the Receiver is still connected to the HTPC only through the HDMI cable. In this case, the Receiver shows only two channels and I can control the Volume in the HTPC/Openelec. When I change the Audio Settings to HDMI, the Receiver shows 5.1 channels and I can not more control the Volume. It makes no sense that only changing the Audio Settings to HDMI is suficient to make the HTPC/Openelec to stop to control Volume.
The Openelec can control volume (to process the signal) in only two channels? With multi-channels the Openelec is not able to control Volume?
Any way, what do I need to do to have the possibility to control the Volume? I will control all the Openelec through my iPad. It does not make sense to control alll the HTPC via iPad and then to use an IR control just to control the Volume of the Yamaha Receiver. Volume is something that you need to control all the time...
I should be able to control the HTPC and the volume trugh the iPad.

Can not control Volume on Multi-Channels Streaming - chewitt - 09-02-2013

a) You're moaning at people who consume XBMC, not create XBMC (wrong audience)
b) You need to read and understand what passthrough audio means, there is lots of info on the XBMC wiki site

Can not control Volume on Multi-Channels Streaming - tonybhgm - 09-02-2013


Sorry If I disturbed you, it was not my intention. I know what passthrough is, I am an Electronic Engineer and a Computer designer.

I had a very unexpected symptom: Running BD stream .ISO file, Analog selected, HDMI connected to the Receiver. My Receiver lighted "2 channels". Opened Settings simoutaneously, and changed to HDMI without stoping the stream. The Receiver lighted "Multichannel" 5.1 and I listened the channels, and it was possible to control the volume. Only after stoping the stream and re-start, I got the message "Passthrough". Now I see that it should be any malfunction between the Realtek chip and the software protocol. To be more especific, probably I was listening the same source through several channels, and only now I got that it was missing the .1 channel source.

HTPC connected to the Receiver only through the HDMI Cable, want to listen to multichannel source in the Receiver and want to control the volume inside the OPenelec interface is possible?
Whenever I change to HDMI (multichannel) do I loose the possibiity to control the volume from inside the user interface? In this case the stream changes to passthrough?

Thank you.

Can not control Volume on Multi-Channels Streaming - chewitt - 09-02-2013

It sounds like you triggered something unusual, but it probably wasn't "volume control on passthrough" because XBMC doesn't allow volume changes on a passthrough signal. I'd guess it was transcoding to 5.1 LPCM which will allow volume control, but although this is multi-channel this is a lossy process and it won't sound as great as the original (usually). You can force this behaviour by disabling support for AAC, AC3, DTS, etc. and only leaving Multichannel LPCM enabled. This will forces XBMC to transcode all content LPCM which can be outputted over HDMI or another digital output like S/PDIF or COAX. If the source media is stereo it will output on the L/R channels. If the source media is 5.1 it will send 5.1 channels. If you want to dig into this further, join the #openelec IRC channel and ask Q's nicely to 'fritsch' ..he wrote (or fixed) XBMC's audio engine and can give authoritative answers on how things work.