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Adding support for new processor/hardware? - guppy - 09-16-2013

I realize that you must be getting requests for adding support for device X just about every 5 minutes, so I figured I would try my own hand at adding support for it.

But just how massive of an undertaking is this if the device makers provide a toolchain that can compile the latest ubuntu?

Device in question:

HW support:

As I understand it not only will it run various flavors of linux, but support for acceleration has already been added to XBMC so adding support should essentially be as easy as fitting the jigsaw together.

Am I missing something here?

And what is the policy on providing openelec builds for 'unsupported' hardware ( if I'm going to build for each new release I might as well provide it for others )

Adding support for new processor/hardware? - chewitt - 09-16-2013

There's no specific policy - it's all OSS and you're welcome to fork our repo and hack away. Non-official dev builds are automatically marked as 'unofficial' but it would be appreciated if you give your builds a distinct name via the project 'options' file.