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Acer Revo RL70 - Audio Help Please - thecrunked - 10-13-2013

Hey guys, I've searched through some threads on this an haven't seen a fix for this issue yet. I have an Acer Revo RL70 (2GB Model) Running Win7 64 bit, primarily running XBMC 12.2 with DXVA(Issue occurs with VLC & Plex). It plays 1080p video smoothly (I set UMA memory buffer from AUTO to 512, however it played fine with AUTO) and the audio plays fine and syncs perfectly. The problem I have lies in the audio however. I need to play both video and audio through HDMI to my TV (runs to my TV which has an optical out to my receiver) When audio from the RL70 is played through HDMI the sound is a bit weak, definitely doesn't sound like it should on my 5.1 surround system. All of my other components (xbox360, ps3, and cable box) are connected via HDMI for video and audio and sound much more robust. The RL70 does have an optical out and when connected to the stereo that way it sounds excellent; however my receiver only has 1 optical in and it would be way too much of a hassle to physically pull the optical cord out of my TV and plug it into the RL70 to get perfect audio quality.

I am thinking there has to be some kind of software fix for this considering that all of my other components are connected to my TV via HDMI and sound much better. Obviously one solution would be to buy a better receiver but I really don't want to spend $250+ just for a decent receiver.

If its worth noting, here are the specs of my system:
media pc: RL70
surround system: Sony DAV-HDX275 (look at specs tab)
TV: Samsung UN55D8000