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Locked local filesystem after sleep - Silver Wings - 11-20-2013

So I've seen this bug for quite some time (since v2 at least) and it won't go away, so I gotta ask:
My OpenELEC installation runs really great with full sleep support an so on, however after waking the thing up about 60% of the time I got a locked local filesystem, meaning I can browse my videos (SMB share), watch them, but I can't download subs, scan for new content, mark as watched, ... All things that would need write permission to the local disk.
After a reboot everything is fine again.

As I can't power up my HTPC via remote (only waking up from sleep is possible), I kinda have to use sleep for convenient use, so this locking thing really bugs me...
I even began from scratch two times, but the bug would follow me. Any ideas why this keeps happening?

I'm using 3.2.3 on a Shuttle XS35GT with a SD card for the local installation btw.