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acestream add on - tooter - 11-21-2013

Hi all I've been searching for a add on to get ace stream working on openelec for ages. I finally found this acestream is included in the repo my only prob is I still can't get it working with sports devil has anyone got any ideas on how to configure it thanks.

acestream add on - ultraman - 11-21-2013

Opening another thread will not help you get solution faster :unsure:

acestream add on - tooter - 11-21-2013

Sorry thaught it would be better suited to this board.

Re:acestream add on - Gaudi - 11-22-2013

It looks like it is a question for the developer of the addon rather than users if OpenELEC.

RE: acestream add on - Browningsc - 12-30-2019

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RE: acestream add on - mabelgoodrich - 05-06-2020

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