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UPnP issues OpenELEC hotspot, SymbianS60 cellphone - blst - 12-07-2013


I've set up an Openelec media center computer with Zotac ID 88 barebone.

I want to use it with my Nokia 5730 Xpress music cell phone, which supports WLAN and already comes with lots of UPnP software installed (based on Symbian S60 V3).

I've configured the Zotac with OpenELEC that the intenal Wifi (Intel N135 I think) creates a wifi hotspot which seems to work fine. The Nokia connects to that hotspot.

The main problem is: The XBMC PnP server is only found once per OpenElec session.

I boot up the Zotac and can connect the Nokia phone and do all the UPnP stuff like music streaming, video streaming, picture showing.

But when I leave the Nokia player app (or gallery app) and try to reconnect later, or when I shut down music playing and switch to the gallery app, it seems to be impossible to find the XBMC server and reconnect to it a second or third time. The XBMC server seems to be gone

Second problem
The UPnP server seems to vanish after about 15 minutes of flawless music streaming from the cell phone. The music stops, no server is found anymore. The server seems to be gone. Reconnection trials fail due to no server available anymore.

When I reboot the Zotac barebone, everything is fine again and the cell phone detecs the UPnP server - but only once and only for about 15 minutes... :whistle:

I wonder if there are any settings I could try to tweak, like increasing beaconing intervals (W-LAN, UPnP) or power management stuff. I'm new to OpenELEC and XBMC and I've no idea which config files control this stuff...

Or are there any other ideas or solutions?