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exit error 139 - efigalaxie - 12-14-2013

I am using the latest OpenElec release. I have a dell studio hybrid with 4 gb memory and dual core 2 ghz processor. It is using an 8gb usb thumbdrive. The hard drive isn't being utilized at all.

The output is going to a monoprice 4 port HDMI 1.4 switcher with hdmi. I am feeding that output into an onkyo receiver.

The problem is when I leave the openelec system on, then switch to another hdmi input on the switch, stay away for some time, I come back to the open elect machine and it is indicating an exit error 139. Now, if I suspend it before switching, I can come back and the openelec machine will start back up fine. This seems to be some interaction of either sleep, hdmi, or both. Thing is, I don't want the system to sleep. I have disabled all that that I can find in both openelec/xbmc/bios. I am wanting to use it as an upnp source for my tablets. I have seen numerous references to this error. What is it? How do I fix it?

exit error 139 - chewitt - 12-15-2013

You probably need to look at tweaking the xorg.conf configuration to use a local (captured) edid.bin file. This ensures Xorg sees an HDMI device as connected even if it's not and you avoid problems with Xorg auto-detecting the lack of signal when you fiddle with the HDMI switcher. The method for doing this depends on the type of GPU in the box - hopefully nVidia as others aren't so simple. There are instructions for EDID things on the wiki.

exit error 139 - efigalaxie - 12-15-2013

What I do not get is that I can switch away from the openelec machine for at least a couple hours, come back, and it is fine. It seems to hit if it is an extended period of time. Is there a polling interval of some sort?? The graphics are integrated intel. How do I get to anything since this install is canned? Access it by plugging the thumbdrive into another machine? Using SSH to remote in?? I guess I ought to move the output into the onkyo's other hdmi input to see if that fixes the issue. Do most AVRs have a keep alive signal on their hdmi inputs? HDCP and the EDID stuff has screwed up what used to be a supremely simple process.

I also have close to 900 thumbnail items on the main movie level with numerous ones of them being collections. Sometimes there is more lag than I would like in painting thumbnails. I have tried disabling various features, tried other skins. Confluence is fastest for my purposes. What would speed it up??? The USB thunbdrive is the only thing I can think of. It surely wouldn't be the pc. After all, if the RPi can do it....... Ideally, the thumbnails would never have to be waited upon. What do I need to achieve that. I don't want pauses, hitches, anything like that. I want it to be smooth as butter. Smooth enough to send Steve Jobs' ghost into an ecstasy of jealousy.