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Compilation Error lirc - drollig8 - 01-03-2014

When compiling PROJECT=Generic ARCH=i386 PVR=yes DEBUG=yes make release

I get

make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/supermanager/'
cp: cannot stat 'packages/sysutils/remote/lirc/config/': No such file or directory
make: bbcode.txt done mybb_posts.csv mybb_posts.sql new newnew oej34_kunena_messages.csv oej34_kunena_messages_text.csv oej34_kunena_messages_text.sql oej34_kunena_users_banned.csv oej34_kunena_users.csv oej34_users.csv old openelecj34prod.sql table_posts test.csv test.txt update_sample.sql [release] Fehler 1

As a workaroung I have disabled the cp calls in packages/sysutils/remote/lirc/
post_makeinstall_target() {
rm -rf $INSTALL/usr/bin/pronto2lirc

mkdir -p $INSTALL/etc/lirc
# cp $PKG_DIR/config/ $INSTALL/etc/lirc
# cp $PKG_DIR/config/lircd.conf.rpi $INSTALL/etc/lirc
and copied the files manually:

cp packages/sysutils/remote/lirc/config/lircd.conf.rpi build.OpenELEC-Generic.i386-devel/lirc-0.9.0/.install_pkg/etc/lirc/
cp packages/sysutils/remote/lirc/config/ build.OpenELEC-Generic.i386-devel/lirc-0.9.0/.install_pkg/etc/lirc/