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Hardware recommendation? - WhoAmI - 01-06-2014

Hi, I'm looking to refresh the HW in my Origen AE S10V case.

The htpc should be as quiet as possible. GPU in the CPU would thus be nice, as it eliminates one source for the heat. At the same time, it would be nice to have decent graphics power for ProjectM, deinterlacing and upscaling. How well is the support of Intel onboard graphics meanwhile?


Hardware recommendation? - klojum - 01-06-2014

As quiet as possible to me means a fanless (ht)pc with a picopsu.
Intel Haswell i3-i5 (depending on your budget).
Upscaling..? Haswell gpu should support 4K, upscaling can also be done by AV receivers.
Intel video drivers are coming along nicely, including deinterlacing.