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Installing rsync addon - WhoAmI - 01-12-2014

Maybe it's just me, but in case others are struggling as well with the installation (from the 64bit unofficial repo for 3.2 in may case), some hints:

1. Previous installations of rsync added rsync to the patch. This is not happening anymore. If you want the old functionality back, try this:

cd ~
touch .profile
echo "export PATH=$PATH:/storage/.xbmc/addons/network.backup.rsync/bin" >> .profile

2. After installing the repo, the bin is not executable. You need to add the executable flag:

chmod +x ~/.xbmc/addons/network.backup.rsync/bin/rsync

Maybe this helps someone.

RE: Installing rsync addon - OscarAntonieff - 05-08-2020

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