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Emmc install - ovi - 01-25-2014

Hello Sraue

Wanted to ask if oe working on cubox i pro version and if its possible to install oe on internal storage emmc

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Emmc install - Ryo - 01-29-2014

AFAIK Cubox-i models do not have internal storage.

Emmc install - ovi - 01-29-2014

you sure? cause mine seems to have 16 gb emmc

Emmc install - Ryo - 01-29-2014

Yup, nothing internal. Are you sure you have a Cubox-i? If so your 16gb is probably in the microSD slot under the HDMI connector. You will be able to pull it out and install OpenELEC.

Emmc install - ovi - 01-29-2014

CuBox-i4pro is mine and i have 16 gb emmc on the board

Emmc install - Ryo - 01-29-2014

Look under the HDMI connector...

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