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Automatic update of nigthlys? - guppy - 01-26-2014

Automatic updates seems not to work with nigthlys - it would help a bit if it either worked or there was a
OpenELEC-Cuboxi.arm-devel-latest.tar symlink to download ( or even a "latest-is" text file with conatining "OpenELEC-Cuboxi.arm-devel-20140125171744-r17148-gb48ea69.tar" )

this because the "171744-r17148-gb48ea69.tar" is impossible to guess.

Automatic update of nigthlys? - chewitt - 01-26-2014

Development builds are not intended for general purpose consumption so we don't provide automated updates for them. For "testing" users who just want to live on the bleeding edge of things there is a user-created addon that scrapes various official and officially unofficial locations:

Not sure if it supports Cuboxi yet, but if not I suggest you ask the addon maintainer to add it.

Automatic update of nigthlys? - Ryo - 01-29-2014

Just tried chewitts suggestion.

The Dev Update addon has an option for "Other", select that, and enter for the location, it will pick up up from there an offer you the Cubox-i builds available.

Only thing to note is that Reboot does not work, you must unplug and replug when it is ready to perform the update.

Re:Automatic update of nigthlys? - noxx2 - 05-31-2014

Hello, I've installed the OpenELEC dev updater over the Leopold Repo.

If I start the add-on, I see the list of all nightly builds. Then I select one and the add-on download the build and extract them. Then the add-on ask for reboot to install. I reboot, but the script install nothing. The version after reboot, is the old version.

I try also other sources, but
The source
Don't work.

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