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Haswell Power Consumption - The - 01-30-2014

Hi guys

I just recently bought a new custom build HTPC and I've intended to install OpenELEC from the beginning. However, I've had a serious setback.
The only issue I have is power consumption. Here some typical figures with out-of-the-box Confluence skin:

OpenELEC Win 8.1
XBMC idle 26W 14W
XBMC HD playback 29W 19W
XBMC content scan 33W 23W

I've tried the latest version of OpenELEC 3.2.4 Intel x86 and compared it to Windows 8.1 + XBMC 12.3.
Hardware setup:
Streacom ST-F1CS EVO (Case)
PicoPSU-150-XT 150W
Leicke 12V 10A ext. Power Supply
Streacom ST-IRPB Infrarot-Receiver
AsRock H81M-ITX
Intel Pentium G3220
Panasonic UJ-265 Bluray Drive (slot-in)

In terms of absolute figures, the difference might not seem a lot, but since I'm using a compact mini-ITX case it is real (the case gets hot, fans have to spin up louder). In addition to that, if I'm using a more CPU intense skin like Aeon Nox it will consume another 5W on idle (both platforms).

It seems that OpenELEC doesn't make use of the CPU power saving features or those are not enabled by default, can someone comment on that?
Is there a planned feature on the roadmap to make use of advances power saving features?

Everything else works like a charm: video playback, airplay, Infrared remote etc. I would really like to use OpenELEC, but for the moment I'll fall back to Win 8.1 due to the power consuption issues.

Haswell Power Consumption - DDD - 07-03-2014

Do you tried OE 4.0? How does it compare to OE 3.2 and Win8.1?

Haswell Power Consumption - The - 07-03-2014

Yes, I've installed now 4.0.6 which resolves the power management issues. Power consumption level are compareable to Windows 8.1. However, with my setup I have now frequent playback freezes (picture freeze, audio keeps runnning). This freeze cannot be recovered, a hardreset is the only option. It seems like the GPU driver crashes or whatever.
I use fairly standard hardware, so I don't know where this is coming from.

Haswell Power Consumption - DDD - 07-03-2014

Have you also measured what you config use in Watts in Windows8.1 Desktop without XBMC?

Do you already posted this Bug anywhere in Forums with Logs?
Does this happen when you switch LiveTV Channels?

Haswell Power Consumption - The - 07-04-2014

I've reported the issue in the latest release threat. Now added a debug log, see here:
I don't use LiveTV, disabled it in the settings.

Idle Windows 8.1 desktop is around 13-14W. Anyway in the 4.x release of OpenELEC my measures almost matches those in Windows 1:1.

Haswell Power Consumption - DDD - 07-05-2014

Yes, seems to be an Intel Driver Bug then Sad