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HDHomerun Add-on with NextPVR - jbay - 02-15-2014

I have a Windows 7 64 bit machine with NextPVR installed. I have an HDHomerun Prime connected to Ethernet. I have a second computer with Openelec installed. Will the HDHomerun Add-on on the Openelec computer work with this setup? I installed the HDHomerun Add-on but I get "NextPVR PVR Client - Tuner No Longer Available." When I connect to the HDHomerun unit through Explorer it shows the three tuners in the HDHomerun unit as free. Do I need to install additional Silicon Dust drivers for this setup? As an additional note, I have XBMC Frodo 12.3 installed on the Windows 7 machine with the Windows 7 HDHomerun Prime drivers installed and it works just fine.


HDHomerun Add-on with NextPVR - jbay - 02-23-2014


I would really love to use OE but unless I can get Live TV running on my DN2820FYKH using NextPVR then I will have to scrap that and use another OS.


HDHomerun Add-on with NextPVR - ultraman - 02-23-2014

I don't think you need HDHomerun add-on in this case. This one is used by vdr/tvheadend.
Doesn't NextPVR client handle it directly? And isn't NextPVR just a client which connects to backend? Like on Windows if I understand correctly.

HDHomerun Add-on with NextPVR - jbay - 02-24-2014

Hi ultraman, thanks for the reply. That is what I am trying to figure out. I believe you are right and that I should just be able to load the addon and have it work. For the DN2820FYKH I have only been able to get the nightly builds to load: there are a few threads here that talk about the same load problem. I believe my problem has to do with the capability of the NextPVR addon. I tried using what I believe is the most recent version, 1.9.6, but this still does not work. I guess I am grasping at straws and seeing if anybody else has a similar setup and found a solution. Maybe I should post in one of those other threads.