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Question - Openelec Performance & SD Cards - mintydave - 02-15-2014


Have been running this image for sometime now and it all seems to work great. One question i do have though is that i'm finding the response time of the menus a little sluggish if i'm honest and hence my question

What impact, if any, does the speed of the SD card have on the GUI performance with Openelec? Both the processor and memeory usage are relatively low when browsing around, and the cubox-i 4pro should be powerful enough to run this comfortably. Having done some tests on the various SD cards here it seems like even though this is using a fast card doesnt have much difference.

Then, my other system, is an atom based machine (zotac z-box), however this is installed on a SSD and the menus are very, very quick and fluid so am left to assume that running openelec from the SD card is what is slowing the whole thing down.

Anyone have any thoughts?

Also - would running Openelec from a device connected to eSata port on the box improve the overall performance?

Question - Openelec Performance & SD Cards - mastrmind - 02-18-2014

The SD card should not affect menu performance. Which skin are you finding sluggish? Obviously the beefier skins like AEON Nox will be more sluggish than optimized ones like Confluence. I find very little difference between Confluence on the cubox i4 vs an Ion board. I do notice a slight lag using Nox on the cubix i4 vs the Ion. If you are sharing your xbmc library using sql, some have complained about performance issues especially when sharing thumbs, but I have not found that to be the case in my setup, so YMMV. Also, try staying on top of the nightlies... a lot of things get addressed in those assuming you don't mind living on the edge.

Question - Openelec Performance & SD Cards - mintydave - 02-18-2014

Thanks for the response

I'm using either of the following skins

Nox 4.1.9
Ace MQ

I'm finding that with all the response can be a little sluggish, though this is amplified with Nox and Showcase view, which is kind of what i would expect if you were to see slow down. I guess i'm a little dissapointed to see the slow down at all as i would have thought that the cubox would be powerful enough to manage all of this to a more acceptable level... The version i'm using is OpenELEC-Cuboxi.arm-devel-20140209021411-r17682-g77f82ca.tar so i believe that is the most up to date.

I fully understand also that this is still all in development and the cubox is very new, so while a little dissapointed i'm still optimistic that this will all sort itself out given time as the product matures.

Until then though i guess i'm trying to understand more what the main driver is between the performace seen on my zbox versus performance of the cubox-i. Main obvious differences is that zbox is dual core atom 1.8Ghz per core and the cubox is quad core at 1Ghz per core the Zbox also has a SSD versus the cubox SD card. So obviously the zbox is more powerful but i'm trying to figure out which is the greatest detriment, the processor or the drive openelec is on.

Doing a bit more resarch i seem to be arriving at the conclusion that it is more the processor due to the fact that XBMC isnt multi-threaded given its origins on the xbox so it isnt ultilising the additional cores to help with performance. The slight frustration is though that the CPU core that is used for navigating the GUI doesnt seem to be running that hard (c50%) and yet the lag is still there, which makes me question the drive it is on.

Maybe this is all just one of those things and we need to wait for it to mature, but wondered what peoples views are in the meantime