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HDMI passthrough/xbmc question. - dansvarre - 02-23-2014

Hi i´m all new to this forum and have a few questions.

Is it possible to use xvmc 12.2 instead of 13.0alpha?

I´m not able to use passthrough of DD and DTS in this version and I'm not able to play large files (+15GB) without picture corruption. my pi plays these files.

Maybe it´s just because it´s to early a build i don´t know.

I hope someone can help me with some answers. Smile

HDMI passthrough/xbmc question. - mastrmind - 02-24-2014

The answer is no, all latest cubox builds are based off Gotham. Wouldn't make sense to backport.

That said, on the i4-pro DD and DTS both work fine in the latest nightly, as do files > 15GB. Try reinstalling.

You might also try the official cubox forum under the XBMC topic. Plenty of activity over there.

HDMI passthrough/xbmc question. - dansvarre - 02-24-2014

When i select hdmi as sound device and choose 5.1 i only get multichannel pcm and the channels are all switched around (center channel plays in my left rear speaker.) usually i get DD and DTS from my pi. there is nowhere to tick of DD and DTS capable receiver on the cubox.

i´m using build r17780 which should be the most recent.

HDMI passthrough/xbmc question. - mastrmind - 02-24-2014

You need to enable "advanced" settings in the skin to access the dd/dts/etc settings. It's a change they made w/ Gotham so simplify the interface. Google it and it'll tell you how to do it, but if I remember correctly its an option in sound settings on the bottom of the menu (in Confluence, at least).

HDMI passthrough/xbmc question. - dansvarre - 02-24-2014

Thanks i found the settings, but with passthrough enabled all i get is high scratching noises, still no DD or DTS.

HDMI passthrough/xbmc question. - mastrmind - 02-24-2014

Grab the latest nightly. I can confirm DD and DTS are definitely working. DTS-HD/MA is confirmed *not* working, so make sure you are certain its vanilla DTS and not HD.

HDMI passthrough/xbmc question. - dansvarre - 02-24-2014

i have tried with the 2 new versions r17742 and r17780 and it only gives high noise. as soon as i plug in my pi and play the same file it works like a charm.

I can't figure out what causing the problem. are you using hdmi or optical audio?

HDMI passthrough/xbmc question. - mastrmind - 02-24-2014

I'm using HDMI. I only get the noise when trying to play unsupported audio formats like DTS-HD, etc.

Try heading over to the cubox forums and asking around.

HDMI passthrough/xbmc question. - dansvarre - 04-24-2014

Hi again,

Great to see that openelec has started development again Smile

audio passthrough still just gives static noise, but from what i can read about it, it has to do with the bit aligning or something like that. in geexbox i can get around this by connecting with ssh and type "iecset -c 1 audio 0" and then it works fine until reboot.

is there any way of doing anything life this on openelec?

HDMI passthrough/xbmc question. - dansvarre - 06-18-2014

Hi, i'm wondering why passthrough still is not working for everybody, it ought to be a easy fix when geexbox solved this over a month ago.

As far as i can se the only difference between the asound.conf on openelec and geexbox is the 3 lines regarding name hints. could someone take a look at this or guide me how to change this?