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Installation issues - jswagner - 03-05-2014

Had some issues with my original installation of OpenELEC, forgot about it for a few weeks and came back to it tonight. Decided to take notes and report my findings. While previously I had a functional (though quirky) installation, tonight's installation has unsurmountable WiFi issues.

I tested the current devel branch:

Here are the issues I encountered:

On the first boot, I don't get the OpenELEC boot splash. I do get the boot splash on every boot afterwards. Not sure if this is expected behavior.

WiFi connectivity issues:
  1. My WEP key was rejected, and I get a mixture of "Authentication failed", "Disconnected" and other errors.
  2. WiFi detects networks at boot, but if I rescan, I never find any networks again
  3. No order of rebooting, disabling/re-enabling WiFi, rescanning would allow me to connect
  4. I was able to connect with a previous build (from early January, I believe).
  5. When entering the WEP key, I had caps lock on. Entering numbers on the keyboard sent symbols (1=!, 2=@, matching with a US keyboard). This doesn't happen on XBMC and was unexpected.

On each boot, I get a notification that my CEC device couldn't be found or connected to.. I've used XBMC across many platforms and never encountered this warning before. I fully admit that I haven't yet bothered to investigate what a CEC device is, but I'm reporting it anyway.

The shutdown and reboot options freeze the system. The UI simply becomes unresponsive, and no input is registered. Even the NumLock/CapsLock LEDs stop functioning. I had to yank the power cord from the back of the CuBox (eek). I'm not terribly familiar with the CuBox, perhaps this is expected..?

I'm happy to provide any logging you need, but you may need to give me directions (for example, I couldn't figure out how to access a bash prompt, and without WiFi, I can't SSH in).

Installation issues - Hardcorejax - 04-23-2014

@sraue how far away is a easy way to install this? (Win installer or .img)