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Spotify - Cyclopsq - 06-11-2011

Hi you guys!

I was wondering if someone is working on Spotify (openspotify or spotyxbmc)

It should be great if this would be fully integrated in XBMC or even an ad-on will do.:laugh:



Re: Spotify - luguber - 06-16-2011

+1 for this

Re: Spotify - ToBe - 06-16-2011

Actually this is more of a XBMC request than something OpenELEC should take care of. Best would be to post on the XBMC forum about a Spotify addon.

Re: Spotify - luguber - 06-17-2011

True, an xbmc plugin would be the better option. But, maybe a Servify addon could be made for Openelec?

Re: Spotify - ToBe - 06-17-2011

That wouldn't make much sense. OpenELEC is the serving platform for XBMC, an operating system XBMC can run on. It's very well done and writing an addon for Spotify would draw resources away from the actual project, which is to create and improve a fast (booting) and stable environment. The best place to ask for a spotify addon is really the XBMC forum as there are much more resources which could work on such things.

Re: Spotify - Cyclopsq - 06-17-2011

Hi ToBe and Luguber,

I think ToBe right! Will post the message at the XBMC board but maybe there is already an topic started about Spotify already so will investigate that first:-)

In the mean time.. If you find some interesting info over this subject please post it here.


Re: Spotify - sraue - 06-17-2011

moved this topic away from feature requests.

Re: Spotify - newphreak - 06-18-2011

From what i read nobody will bother with this until xbmc eden is released. Then binary add-ons will be allowed, and i guess that will allow people to create a working add-on. At least that's what I've read so far. So I'm just waiting for eden to be finished hehe.

Re: Spotify - dj_gerbil - 06-18-2011

In the mean time there's a plugin called [url=""]mFlow[/url] which seems to work really well with OpenELEC.

Re: Spotify - Cyclopsq - 06-18-2011

Hi Gerbil,

I saw this option already and tested it but it will not work..
Depending on the region you live in.
I'm from Holland where it will not work for example.