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HDD Spin Down on Gotham - rbmaster - 04-11-2014

Hardware: Raspberry PI Model B
Software: Openelec 4.0 Beta 5 (XBMC Gotham)

Issue: Option to set the amount of time to spin down hard drives is missing.

Greetings, how can I set the amount of time before an hdd spins down on openelec 4.0? I really need this, because my hard drives are located on my bedroom, and some of my hdds don't spin down by themselves and are very loud.

HDD Spin Down on Gotham - hugepants - 04-27-2014

I've just updated to 4.0 beta 6 (Generic 64) and I noticed the spindown option missing.

I didn't see the removal mentioned in any of the beta changelogs, which is odd for such an important and useful feature, so I can only assume that it will come back at some point.

HDD Spin Down on Gotham - renegat - 05-06-2014

Fresh install OpenELEC Stable - Raspberry Pi ARM Version:4.0.0
I agree: With six external HDDs here not spinning down the noise is annoying! Sad
Why has this expedient feature been removed?!
Is there any posibility to get it back?
Switching back to 3.2.3 (3.2.4 always crashes/restarts permanently)

A solution for Gotham is found here