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What's the best bluetooth adapter to use? - Protocol Zero - 04-20-2014

Hey guys, I did do a search here and a general google search, but I didn't find a single thread talking about actual adapters (dongles) to use.

First, I'm using a Gateway ZX6800 all in one PC that I installed Openelec generic oss 3.2.4 build (I probably could use another build, but it was already installed on my flash drive, so I used it, not a single problem, and the PC was given to me with a cracked screen, works great!) as my HTPC connected via HDMI to my TV. I've turned this thing into my toy, just testing out features just to see if I can. My next adventure will be with bluetooth devices, which is the reason for the post.

My desired goals: To be able to connect a bluetooth headset to my HTPC so I can watch movies late at night without disturbing the wife, be able to connect a PS3 controller to my HTPC to play roms with, and lastly (this one may be farfetched, it was just a random idea i had lol) to hook a phone line to my HTPC and use it as a home phone. (the last goal is completely optional and wouldn't bother me at all if it's not possible.

I already have some bluetooth headsets, but I don't have a bluetooth dongle, so I began searching. I found tons of them for dirt cheap everywhere (Like this one) but I was wondering if openelec could support just any bluetooth adapter, or if I should avoid any brands (or if there are any preferred dongles).

I'm not asking for help configuring anything, just about the devices themselves, if there are any suggested dongles, or if the one I linked to above would get the job done? I'm going to be sitting roughly 20 feet from the HTPC at most, and I'm not really concerned about bluetooth 3.0 or 4.0 as I don't really need them. Any opinions are welcome, and if you've purchased any dongles that work well, if you could link them, that would be awesome!

Thanks guys, sorry that my simple question was so long, in reading other posts, I noticed some people get a little aggravated when people don't get enough details to their posts, so I made sure that woudn't happen to me B)

What's the best bluetooth adapter to use? - Protocol Zero - 04-20-2014

I just realized that I put this in the wrong section, I could have sworn I was posting in the bluetooth forum, sorry!