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1080p Video Glitch ... - mAz - 04-28-2014

hi every1 , just want to know if its normal at this state to have some video glitch every +- 20 sec .. im running OpenELEC-Cuboxi.arm-devel-20140424001007-r18233-g40add36 on my : Cubox-i4pro .

thanx alot Wink

1080p Video Glitch ... - roadkill - 04-29-2014

mine's working as a charm.. try to supply a sample video file maybe it's something specific

1080p Video Glitch ... - mAz - 04-29-2014

hi , i dont know if it make a difference but Solidrun send me a defective power supply , so i use a 4.5 V power supply . these glitches are only in video the audio decoding is perfect .. in every 20 sec the video skip some fps ... but always keep a good audio syncing .. so if that help im waiting for ur answer ... i dont really understand how i can do a sample .. thanx

1080p Video Glitch ... - mAz - 04-29-2014

i read my files via NFS from my NAS (Synology DS413) on wired network ...

Re:1080p Video Glitch ... - roadkill - 04-29-2014

Perhaps I didn't explained myself thoroughly try to use a known video file, to make sure we are on same page and the issue does not come from the file itself... By the way power supply issues have a tendency to affect the device ability to handle HD files I had this issue in RPI and I expect that it would apply here as well.. But you can try with 720p and compare

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1080p Video Glitch ... - mAz - 05-02-2014

it was the Voltage input : 4.5v isnt enough .. i change my power adater for an 5v outputing 5.2v and the glitches are gone!!! so thanx alot .. mayby this thread may help some1 else in the future Smile


1080p Video Glitch ... - RIid8 - 05-03-2014

Maybe this is the issue I am having as well. What power supply did you end up using? Stinks that the one solidrun provides doesn't work quite right.

1080p Video Glitch ... - Hardcorejax - 05-04-2014

Me too having problems with 23,976 fps playback, slowdowns both on 720/1080p mkv
Power supply is solid run.

Dont know if this is the issue

1080p Video Glitch ... - psuch - 05-08-2014

I have a similar problem. Every few seconds the pictures freezes for a fraction of a second. I'm also using the solidrun power supply. It's a 3A supply. Tried another 2,5A supply (of course less is not better in this case), but nothing changed to better nor worse.

It sounds like it's the same problem, that is mentioned above.

To the users, who don't have this problem: Are you using also a solidrun supply or another one?