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network resources unavailable [WORKAROUND FOUND] - fredentoft - 05-14-2014

I get a lot of these errors right after booting my cubox-i4pro:
01:00:11 T:1983827968 ERROR: Unable to open database: xbmc_video78 [2003](Can't connect to MySQL server on '' (101))
For both music and video databases.
This happens for every reboot.

I have it set to wait for network before starting xbmc and I can connect via ssh before xbmc loads so network should not be the problem.
If I killall xbmc.bin from within ssh it loads up fine and connects to db.

Same problem with pathsubstitutions, sources.xml etc. that are redirected to nfs-disks. Not loaded at reboot, but fine after killall...

No log file available right now, but will upload or link later.

network resources unavailable - p5y - 05-15-2014

I face the same problem. I`m running my MySQL Database on my NAS, after giving my NAS a reboot I got one successfull connect, but next XBMC boot the Database doesn`t connect. Maybe you could try if you have the same problem.

Another problem I got was the DNS Name of the NAS device which could not be received, so I added a host entry in this file /storage/.config/hosts.conf which solved my DNS Problem. (Don`t use /etc/hosts because it will be overwritten during next boot)

network resources unavailable - fredentoft - 05-15-2014

Rebooting the server is not an option (other than maybe once for testing)

DNS settings are no problem since I only use IP adresses.

network resources unavailable - p5y - 05-16-2014

for me it`s also not an option for daily operation but you could give it a try to check if the behaviour is the same.
Where do you run your SQL Database?

network resources unavailable - fredentoft - 05-16-2014

Found a workaround.

Using .config/system.d/nfs.mount.sample to create a persistent nfs mount to server required before xbmc is started seems to have fixed my problem.