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Dual audio output (HDMI + analog) - korst - 05-19-2014

I would like to know if it is possible to set the system (openelec 4.0.1) to play music through both outputs: HDMI to home cinema system and analogue output to external stereo speakers. I am currently trying it on Xtreamer Ultra2Deluxe and NUC D34010WYK with no success.
Could you please tell me if this is even possible?
Thanks very much.

Dual audio output (HDMI + analog) - lrusak - 05-20-2014

No it is not.

Old version of xbmc supported a custom dual audio patch but nothing has been done for version 13.

Re:Dual audio output (HDMI + analog) - teeedubb - 05-20-2014

There is a wip version for Gotham

Re:Dual audio output (HDMI + analog) - korst - 05-20-2014

Great! Thanks teeedubb, I will follow the post.