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OpenELEC Image - noxx2 - 05-30-2014


Where can I find a image for the Cubox i4?

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OpenELEC Image - chewitt - 05-30-2014

OpenELEC Image - noxx2 - 05-30-2014

there are helix releases! where can i find gotham images?

can i install the image with windows?

Re:OpenELEC Image - noxx2 - 05-30-2014

I found there a Gotham release. Is anywhere a stable release available?

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Re:OpenELEC Image - chewitt - 05-30-2014

Cubox is still in development so there is no stable release yet.

Re:OpenELEC Image - noxx2 - 05-30-2014

Thx, in the meantime I use the upper image. Works, some features are fast, eg LiveTV, and other are slower as my Raspberry, e.g. scrappen, scrolling in the menus,....

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OpenELEC Image - spschneer - 05-30-2014

There is a Gotham image, created by one of the IMX team before Stephan switched to Helix . I've just downloaded and installed onto my brand new I4-Pro and it seems to work perfectly. I'm using a Harmony 650 and have it configured to use the MCE setup. Am presently using a wired network connection and it seems to work fine without any significant buffering or drops. I am totally flabbergasted on how easy it was to set up and configure. IT JUST WORKED...

Link to the image

I unzipped and followed the instructions at the beginning of this thread ... basically just dd the disk image onto my MicroSDHC and plug it in.

Hope this helps

Re:OpenELEC Image - noxx2 - 05-30-2014

Thx. Perhaps I try it.

Now I have installed the nightly from 25.may

Works but my as.xml don't run. The as.xml is correct, I use the same file on my pi and my desktop pc. Is it a bug or need helix a other code on the as.xml?

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OpenELEC Image - noxx2 - 05-31-2014

you make:
dd if=OpenELEC-Cuboxi.arm-devel-20140424-img of=/dev/sdb

OpenELEC Image - spschneer - 05-31-2014

Yes, BUT make sure the of=/dev/sdb actually points to your micro sd card.