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No TV programme information since Gotham - Martyn775 - 06-17-2014

The PVR programme information has disappeared. It used to show a small amount of information about the programme when each programme was selected.

It's disappeared from TV channels, EPG, recordings etc., but is still visible on the home screen where upcoming/ongoing timer details are shown. I'm using confluence.

I am using Openelec 4.0.5 Generic x86_64 build (4.0 also had this issue) on an i3 Shuttle with an Nvidia 640 GPU. My PVR backend is DVBViewer 1.29 running on a fully updated Windows 7 box. I use freeview. My current PVR addon version is now 1.9.15, although the stock freshly installed Openelec 4.0.5 DVBViewer PVR addon also has this issue.

On my WINDOWS version of XBMC 13 the programme information is there. It's also shown on the DVBViewer backend webpage.

I couldn't find a similar issue listed after doing a Google search for XBMC nor Openelec neither could I find anything in the bug trackers.

It's not a showstopper and the system is very usable and stable for me. But it would be nice to see it back.