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Really dark movies - samu - 07-12-2014

i'm enjoying this new openelec, unfortunately it happens to show me movie as really dark.
searching the web for the issue i found it is a problem due to having full hdmi range, which apparently my tv does not support
(it's 50' plasma tv from LG) .

i saw on openelec forum some oooold thread about it and about hacking it in xorg.conf
or that there should be a conf in system / settings / video if using expert view.
Unfortunately these two solution don't work since there's no more xorg.conf and there isn't such an option on xbmc or openelec conf.

Anyone ha any suggestion?
btw atm i'm using latest HELIX build ( OpenELEC_Helix-Cuboxi.arm-devel-20140711235128-r18724-g357c9d3.img) and before i had latest gotham release, both are affected .

Many thanks

Really dark movies - Spacedan - 07-12-2014

In System change the settings level to expert then go to Settings>Video Output, select "Use limited colour range"

Really dark movies - samu - 07-13-2014

there is no such option.

here's a "bad" image of what i see under video options. on lower left corner you can see i'm in expert mode.

Really dark movies - Spacedan - 07-13-2014

I found this

"According to this page:, it seems that there is no "Use limited color range (16-235)" in arm devices at all."

Seems geexbox has implemented a patch in their kernel

Really dark movies - samu - 07-14-2014

is OpenElec going to add that patch too ? it doesn't look too hard to do

yet i fail to understand what would be implications and side effects on the whole OpenElec project , and not just cubox-i platform.

Really dark movies - Spacedan - 08-21-2014

What's the model number of your TV? I'll check something in your manual, I changed a setting in my Samsung and I was able to use full colour range in openelec.

Really dark movies - samu - 08-21-2014


this is my tv, unfortunately i wasn't able to find any option regarding full range but you are more than welcome to try it :-)

p.s. this tv is even a plasma so black is really black and not that ligthy dark you find on LCD :-)


Really dark movies - Spacedan - 08-21-2014

The manual doesn't show the menu layout. I know my old LG had an option for Black Levels under the expert control. Does yours list that?

Really dark movies - samu - 08-21-2014

no that i'm aware, i'll look in to the manual when i go back home

Really dark movies - Spacedan - 08-21-2014

I also looked in your manual and it doesn't show the picture menu layout. You'll have to look on your tv.