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Tevii S660 Bug - Barabo - 07-24-2014

i have the same problem like this guy ( , but for the cubox-i.
Can you give me an resolution for this prob or a little hot fix?

My current Setup:
Cubox-i2 Ultra,
Openelex Helix (Tested with the latest stable, but had the same issue)
Tevii s660

OpenELEC:~ # irw
67 0 KEY_UP devinput
67 0 KEY_UP_UP devinput

Edit: Tested with OpenELEC-Cuboxi.arm-devel-20140811013201-r18947-g5e1b12d, and still the same issue.
Edit 2: Tested with the first Kodi image... (The TVheadend-server doesn't work but with vdr the same issue ...)
Btw... no one can provide me a solution ?!?!?! If not i will go back to my Raspi with Xbian ....

Tevii S660 Bug - Barabo - 08-29-2014

Tested with the new Build with Kernel 3.14:
Same issue