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Xbmc Stutter Issue. - cheww04 - 08-04-2014

I have been using OpenElec with the latest build on a T60P system I put together with the following specs:
Intel Core 2 Duo T7200 2.00Ghz 64-bit, 4GB RAM, 40GB SSD Hard Drive, 256MB ATI Fire GL V5250, and a Broadcom BCM970015 installed instead of WIFI.

I have it set up for Crystal HD decoding. Everything works really well except when I go to play a 1080 or 72oP x264 video. When I start to play the movie the sound plays fine (Coax to my stereo which decodes DTS and DD.). However the video stutters. It’s almost like its making the processor work instead the of crystal HD Card. However if I stop the movie, and switch to the Hybrid Skin, and then switch back to Confluence everything plays fine after. Does anyone have any ideas of what might be going on? I look forward to hearing from you. I am not quite sure how to post a log, but I can if I get some directions how.