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XWMM installable= - sn00py - 08-23-2014

Is XWMM isntallable?

And yes how?

I tried the package-> copeied the zip and tried to "Isntlal from ZIP" but didn't work

I have mySQL Database on the OpenELEC and sometime i would like to change some genre and so on.....

Anybody some suggestions?

XWMM installable= - lrusak - 08-23-2014

I don't think XWMM has been updated for the latest version of xbmc.

XWMM installable= - jan - 08-23-2014

i used "" to install on OE 407

XWMM installable= - lrusak - 08-23-2014

So what didn't work exactly?