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Which USB DVB-T2 tuner? - jebus197 - 08-23-2014

OK I will have to phrase this carefully in case folks think I haven't done any reading. I have. I read the list of compatible tuner cards. In fact in the end I opted for the PC Systems 290e as this is reported to have full 'out of the box' functionality and I even went as far as going to my local electronics store (Maplin - who are rather similar to Radio Shack in the US) and buying one, only to find that when I opened the box it was in fact a 292e, rather than a 290e. Of course the 292e proved useless, due to the almost undoubtedly completely different hardware. The 290e appears to be a very hard beast to get one's hands on.

So having returned this and having spent another 4+ hours trying to make sense of what cards would work and which wouldn't I have opted to ask on the forum.

Basically for reasons I won't go into, it needs to be USB, it needs to be UK DVB-T2 (HD) compatible and it needs to require as little configuration (or none) as possible. However I have looked fairly hard and as of now I'm not even certain that such an item exists? (Except for the elusive 290e of course.)

All views and suggestions would be welcome.

Which USB DVB-T2 tuner? - trsqr - 08-23-2014

Just keep the 292e and install OpenELEC 4.1.4 (the latest beta version), the 292e is supported in that release. This means that the soon to be released 4.2 stable release should also support 292e as well.

Other than that, you're currently a bit short of options. I believe the 290e is pretty much the only T2 tuner supported (besides some Sundtek tuners maybe) in the 4.0 release and in 4.1 the support for 292e is added (in kernel 3.16, that is). Oh, August T210 should be supported, but you have a risk of getting another newer version of that device that's not supported. Kernel 3.17 will add TechnoTrend CT2-4400 tuner into the list, but it's going to be a couple of months before OE will have that.

Conclusion: I'd say go hunt for a 290e or just get a 292e and update your OE to the latest beta.

Which USB DVB-T2 tuner? - jebus197 - 08-23-2014

A constructive reply. Thanks. I'm running OpenElec on this box: I know it seems like just another generic XBMC box, but it's designed and maintained by a very good British company and the specs are really pretty good too. The guy who seems to be running the company is super knowledgeable and super helpful. But he doesn't have the resources to test for all USB tuners. What are the chances of being able to upgrade this to an unofficial/ beta build as you suggested? How might one go about this? It is I guess quite a generic ARM based box all the same, even if the specs are pretty OK, But I confess I don't know much about it really. I have installed/enabled Tvheadend and I can contact it through the web interface. I have no idea if this is properly configured but when I try to use the drop down list to 'add an adapter' with the 292e plugged in, the drop down list in this section is completely empty. Is this something I should be concerned about I wonder?

You will have to excuse me a little if my questions seem dumb. It's been a few years since I messed about with anything Linux based very seriously.

Which USB DVB-T2 tuner? - trsqr - 08-23-2014

Uh, sorry, without knowing anything about the box it's really hard to say. Maybe ask the company if they could provide you a version with OE 4.1.4? The only arm build OE officially supports is the RPi I think.

The drop down list will be empty if you have a linux kernel that does not support the tuner, that's normal. Keep it simple, find a 290e from ebay. I'd sell you mine, but shipping would likely be too expensive.

Which USB DVB-T2 tuner? - jebus197 - 08-23-2014

There's nothing on eBay at all. I have spent half the day looking. It's only a little thing. How much are we talking?

Which USB DVB-T2 tuner? - trsqr - 08-23-2014

Ok, so I've got one I bought in January from for £56.83. I assume you're in UK, right? I'd be willing to sell it for £45 (shipping included: no box or driver CD, only the tuner, USB cable, remote and the toy antenna), payment with PayPal. Send me a PM if you're interested.

Which USB DVB-T2 tuner? - jebus197 - 08-23-2014

Yes I'm interested. Please PM me your full contact details, name, address paypal email and I can get it done ASAP. This will rock if it works. The idea of having a small 'do it all' XBMC box is pretty neat to me. I already have my XBMC stacked with film repositories and almost 2TB of music. I would love to see this working. Smile

Which USB DVB-T2 tuner? - jebus197 - 08-23-2014

Thanks for this dude. You rock! Much appreciated! I don't know if they use the T2 standard in Finland? So hopefully it will be of more use to me anyway. Smile All done now though. Smile This is a neat forum. You guys are so helpful!

Which USB DVB-T2 tuner? - jebus197 - 08-30-2014

Hi Olli this arrived today, thanks! But unfortunately it hasn't been recognised in TVheadend's web configuration. (Don't worry, I'm not going to be looking for any kind of refund! Lol.) I am looking under 'configuration' 'DVB' inputs'. When I click the list, nothing is listed.

I'm assuming this means that the drivers aren't loaded. Have you or does anyone here have any idea what drivers are needed and how to load them and how to make sure they stay loaded after a reboot? It's been a few years as I said since I messed about seriously with Linux. I am not a n00b by any means. I have just had other things on my plate to contend with. Smile

I am going away for a week, so if I don't respond instantly, expect my response soon enough.

BTW I can't see why, but does it make any difference that the box I'm using is an ARM based box?

Which USB DVB-T2 tuner? - trsqr - 09-01-2014

I don't fully get it - is your ARM box running OpenELEC or some other flavour of Linux? Yes, the driver needs to be compiled into the Linux kernel, but if it is OpenELEC, the driver is compiled in. The drivers have been part of the kernel since early 3.x releases (I think 3.0, but can't remember for sure). The driver works regardless of the architecture (x86, ARM, whatever) as long as it's compiled in when the kernel was built.

The PCTV 290e requires em28xx driver and two others for frontend/tuner, but they're loaded automatically by the em28xx driver.

lsmod will show you the currently loaded modules
lsusb -v -t will show you the currently plugged in devices and which drivers are loaded for them
dmesg will show the boot messages

Each command should have something regarding your device.