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Compile Help - Rubberdog - 09-22-2014

Im currently running an Nvidia GTX 970 in my HTPC (I use it for iRacing on dual boot too)

The current builds do not cover the required driver for the graphics card.

Ive tried several builds on my own over the last two days but cannot get it to work, it always ends with a python error or something.

Im using VMWare Fusion on my mac with Ubuntu 14.04 setup and I follow the wiki, but my builds always fail. Not sure if its down to VMWare Fusion or maybe as I also run OSX Yosemite Beta?

Is the Compile WIKI up to date and correct or have things moved on? Or is Ubuntu 14.04 not compatible?

Would someone possibly, with a working build setup, be able to compile me a build with the new 343.22 linux nvidia driver embedded?

I use the generic x86_64 build of openelec.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Compile Help - lrusak - 09-23-2014

What exactly isn't building? The instructions are more or less up to date.

Compile Help - Rubberdog - 09-23-2014

i get and error of

Core Dumped
make: bbcode.txt done mybb_posts.csv mybb_posts.sql new newnew oej34_kunena_messages.csv oej34_kunena_messages_text.csv oej34_kunena_messages_text.sql oej34_kunena_users_banned.csv oej34_kunena_users.csv oej34_users.csv old openelecj34prod.sql table_posts test.csv test.txt update_sample.sql [sharedmods] Error 1

Compile Help - ultraman - 09-23-2014

This 2 lines could mean anything. Check disk space, ram usage, ...


Compile Help - Rubberdog - 09-23-2014

Iultraman, I got it working in the end...

No idea why...did a fresh Ubuntu install on my virtual machine and finally got it done....

That aside, I hugely appreciate your time and effort in making the image for me

Compile Help - hagbard0815 - 12-25-2014

Please can i have the nvidia build too ? It seems its no more online. I have black screen with my 970gtx new Christmas HTPC Build on openelec ! B)

Compile Help - ultraman - 12-25-2014

hagbard0815 post=125936 Wrote:Please can i have the nvidia build too ? It seems its no more online.

Compile Help - hagbard0815 - 12-25-2014

Really Thank you very much ultraman ! Now the Christmas Days are fine !

Compile Help - hagbard0815 - 12-25-2014

The Download not work Sad Just 1,5 mb

Compile Help - ultraman - 12-25-2014

Yes, something is wrong - even I can't download it Sad

Anyway, here is newer version: OpenELEC-Generic.x86_64-devel-20141225130435-r19822-gcb503e2-nvidia-343.22.tar