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New IR hardware support - yard2 - 09-28-2014


I hope this is the correct Category for this Smile
I'm new to Openelec and would like to add a new HW.

I developed a new USB IR receiver hardware and would like to add Openelec support.
Since I'm not familiar with Openelec, I do not know where to start Wink
My software is running with Ubuntu and a package is available.
Since Openelec do not have a package manager I have to add it in a different way, but how ?

My device is recognized by Openelec, so driver support is OK.
I have to run a daemon in the background and create a configuration file for settings and IR mapping (like lirc)

Where to start ?

New IR hardware support - chewitt - 09-28-2014

OpenELEC requires you to pre-install drivers and customisations into the main SYSTEM image file during compile time or (for some things) you can package code up as a binary addon for XBMC. I'd start by looking at the "build from sources" instructions on the wiki and get a current dev build working. You should then be able to crib the format and requirements for a binary addon by looking at the existing addons there. Once you figure that out you can submit a pull-request on github to add the new addon to the unofficial repo to make it easier for users to download and install it. The developers hang out in the #openelec IRC channel on freenode .. for further help, either keep posting here or ask there.

New IR hardware support - yard2 - 09-28-2014

Thanks for the info.
If it is possible with an addon, I will try it this way.
The driver is already in the SYSTEM image.
I can run my program from extracted deb package, except one shared library is missing.