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Problem when restarting system from sleep - overrryde - 11-07-2014

Hi guys, trying to get some help on this issue, i posted in the sub-forum but doesnt seam to get as much action as in the main one.

So here it goes.

i have 2 issues. issue #1 is that i cannot put my system in suspend as it always hangs when i come back. You can see "Working..." message when going into suspend mode and you can see it again when resuming but nothing else happens, i have to manually turn off the system by holding the power button. FYI, i use a harmony remote to turn the system back on from suspend.

issue #2 is that when cold booting the system, it is never connecting to the network. i have to reboot the system and then it works. i tried the "Wait for network" option and set it to 10 seconds but that does not fix it.

Does anyone have or had similar problems to this?


Problem when restarting system from sleep - klojum - 11-07-2014

Any hardware related bugs or problems, you should always at least send in a XBMC/Kodi log file.
Because "my system" does not describe nearly enough of what other people need if they even considered helping others out.

For all I care, your 'system' could be an automatic door opener, that's how little info there is at the moment.

Perhaps your network is not configures/running at its best, and your 'system' needs more than 10 seconds? Try 30 or 60 secs.