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PVR IPTV Simple + PVR XVDR: Mixes & loses channels - Moonbase - 11-16-2014

I'm using the Intel DE3815TYKHE NUC, OpenELEC 4.2.1 Generic.x86_64, VDR and the Sundtek SkyTV tuner (PVR XVDR), plus the PVR IPTV Simple to add some extra channels I don't get on satellite (my own m3u list, stored locally, 193 channels).

  • The system crashes and restarts XBMC whenever I try to open a rtmp:// or mms:// link. http:// and https:// work fine.
  • IPTV Simple doesn't respect the "starting channel number". I set it to 2000 because almost 1300 channels are used by DVB-S/S2.
  • IPTV Simple "mixes" the IPTV channels into the second half of my DVB-S channels (the first half being Astra 19.2E, the second half Turksat 42.0E channels).
  • Whenever I activate PVR IPTV Simple before PVR XVDR, only my 193 IPTV channels get shown, the DVB-S channels never show up.
  • As soon as I deactivate PVR IPTV Simple, XBMC starts adding the DVB-S channels and EPG data. When I thereafter re-activate PVR IPTV Simple, the IPTV channels get added between the DVB-S channels.
  • Usually this setup survives a reboot.
  • For whatever reason, usually after a shutdown (complete power off) and restart, all DVB-S channels are gone in the TV channels list, and only my 193 IPTV channels shown. I have then to deactivate PVR IPTV Simple, wait for the DVB-S channels to get added, and re-activate PVR IPTV Simple again (see above).

Does anyone have any idea how to fix this?
What can I do to help diagnosing?

[Image: openelec-livetv-iptv-intermixed-channels.png]

[Image: openelec-pvr-iptv-simple-settings.png]

RE: PVR IPTV Simple + PVR XVDR: Mixes & loses channels - Irayler - 06-26-2020

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