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Live TV - RaspPi, Hummingboard or CuBox-i - sufr3ak - 01-12-2015

I'm going to start experimenting with Live TV and OpenElec builds. I currently have an Acer Revo 3610 and a RaspPi, both running OE. Has anyone use Live TV on these? Any issues with streaming it?

I'm going to purchase another device. Any suggestions for CuBox-i, Hummingboard, or RaspPi?

Live TV - RaspPi, Hummingboard or CuBox-i - WeTek - 01-12-2015

Hi sufr3ak,

You can try with WeTek Play, as it have DVB Plug and Play Tuners for Satellite, Cable, Terrestrial (T2 too) and ATSC. Also all tuner are working from OpenELEC 5.0 + tvheadend or VDR.

Live TV - RaspPi, Hummingboard or CuBox-i - wrxtasy - 01-13-2015

I run a TvHeadend backend server on Ubuntu running on an ATV1, this feeds mpeg2 at up to 1080i video resolutions into Kodi TvHeadend Clients on:
- iMac i5 - ethernet
- 2x Crystalbuntu 2.0 on and ATV1's (1Ghz) - dual band WiFi + ethernet - software decode of mpeg2 only
- and a RPi B+ (Openelec 5.0) - ethernet - mpeg2/VC1 licences purchased for hardware decoding.

The order I have listed them in is fastest to slowest, when channel switching. Kodi has pretty much equalised their PVR performance on all platforms. They all take bout 2-4 seconds to start the mpeg2 stream depending on resolution. EPG navigation speed is now pretty quick on the RPi too,

- my RPi is just running of a cheap Sandisk non branded 16GB microSDHC, it is Max Overclocked with a quality power supply. Its reasonably quick contrary to what non power users say, especially navigation the GUI via WiFi using a XBMC Smartphone app or Bluetooth using a PS3 BT remote. Newbs don't push the RPi to its limits and then have issues and complain. You have to Overclock.
I use the beautiful lightweight textured Eminence Skin.

- Kodi on the RPi now uses the quality De-Interlace mode which I believe is called Yadif, one of the higher end ones. Its pretty good too. No difference to my high end i5 iMac.
- 30 second skips and FF / RW speed on 1080i on the RPi is good over ethernet.
- my Ubuntu/ATV1 is not quick enough to pause and rewind Live TV with the TvHeadend server software.

- I'm not sure how the RPi performance is when running both the backend and Kodi TvHeadend client on the one device.
- I'm running only 16 channels on the RPi, I'm also not sure how it would go when you start talking channel numbers in the 100's in regards to the EPG. A lot of speed improvements have been made in this area with Kodi however.

I'm actually very impressed with the RPi for Live TV and Kodi in general. Awesome bang for the buck once you overclock it.
Proper deinterlacing and refesh rate switching means us users in 25/50Hz PAL TV land love it.

BTW this will open your eyes in regards to the CuBox: