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Mysql configuration - javcarbe - 01-13-2015

for some reason the thumbnails are not reading in the cubox works fine in the windows computers




I did something wrong ?
hope anybody can help me. also the final version doesnt read the mysql at all i ve to use the 4.97.3 version

Mysql configuration - lrusak - 01-13-2015

Open the OpenELEC settings addon and go to the Network tab. Set the option "Wait for network before starting XBMC"

Mysql configuration - javcarbe - 01-13-2015

Will help the thumbnails ?

Mysql configuration - mad_cow - 01-14-2015

Maybe you should try it withouth the pathsubsititution.
As far as I understood, recent versions of XBMC/KODI do not need path substitution anymore.

I dont use pathsubsititution with my MySQL setup.

Mysql configuration - Karlschlag - 01-17-2015

The problem is, that the network is booting up to slow. I solved the problem by writing "sleep 7" (waits 7 Seconds) in the Maybe 7 seconds is way too long, but i was too lazy to try a shorter timing.

Mysql configuration - javcarbe - 01-23-2015

could you send me screen shots the how you setup the scrapper and the art download, maybe i did something wrong.

Mysql configuration - Vanyo - 01-24-2015

Unfortunately the "Wait for network..." option doesn't work in the cubox distro. Works in generic, raspberry too, but not in cubox. Sad
Maybe I should file a bug report...?

Mysql configuration - javcarbe - 01-24-2015

still with issues for the posters, banners, only show the information.
test kodi in windows read the information both computers, no issues I scraped in windows
openelec linux doesnt show the artwork
opnelec cubox doesnt show the artwork
how can i make it work. Is an openelec issue ?

Mysql configuration - gman - 01-25-2015

Same here.
My workaround is: Login via SSH on your openElec and then 'killall kodi.bin' this will kill and restart kodi having network.