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Stuttering audio openelec 5 - maccert - 01-17-2015

first of all my compliments for OpenELEC.
for many years user of OpenELEC.
unfortunately now it's going wrong i have a stutter in both movie and music audio.
OpenELEC doesn't support apparently my soundcard anymore.
- G1.Sniper A88X main board
- Realtek ALC898 sound card
he gives in settings a General HD card.
can someone help me to get the correct driver installed?

Stuttering audio openelec 5 - maccert - 01-18-2015

i see that i am not the only one with audio problems..
my receiver is not displayed in audio setup hdmi audio threw vsx-922 this was before 5 no problem.

Re:Stuttering audio openelec 5 - joppe - 01-18-2015

My intel nuc dn2830-fykh has similar issues. Also on OE5.
Mine also stutters in menus occassionally.

Connected to a Yamaha RX-V367. But in settings "LG TV" was shown.

Tried connecting it to the tv direct but no success although my tv set is indeed a LG.

Re:Stuttering audio openelec 5 - maccert - 01-26-2015

it looks like it's a driver problem in oe5.
for test installed windows 10 with kodi and everything is working.
i see my receiver vsx-922 and can pinck the right output.