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Move Openelec System to SSD - stojo - 02-21-2015

Hello all,
i am not an linux profi but i like Openelec :-) I have a Problem and a question.
Actual i have install Openelec 5.02 on an SATA 4 TG Harddisk. System and Storage.
Now i want to move the Openelec System to an 32GB SSD Disk but Movies etc. should be stay on 4 TB Sata.
I dont wont to lose MovieDB or Watch Move / Series Indicators. Is there a way to do this or an guid for People who are not Linxu Profi...
German also welcome..

Thanks for Help...

Move Openelec System to SSD - chewitt - 02-21-2015

Use a gparted boot CD/USB to make the 4TB drive a single partition (remove the first partition, move then extend the second so it fills the disk) and change the disk lable to "MEDIA" (or whatever). Now clean install OE to the SSD and copy back any config from the previous install (or take a backup, then restore it). The OS should see and auto-mount the 4TB drive on boot and you can add folders on it to Kodi as sources for media. It's also possible to have the boot partition on SSD and storage on the 4TB (edit extlinux.conf as you need) but then /storage/.kodi is not on the SSD .. and personally I always keep media separate from the OS partition(s) as it makes reinstalls easier. Viel Gl├╝ck :whistle:

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